Tours and Travels Management System in Laravel

Tours and Travels Management System in Laravel
••• Tours and Travels Management System in Laravel

Online Tours and Travels Management System in Laravel Project PHP MYSQL is a PHP Laravel based project where users are allowed to book their favorite travel packages where he wants to travel. Customer can now book travel packages online in their browser. As a result, this makes the whole travel booking process much more easier and convenient for customer as well as employee. As everything can be done online, there is less chance of mistakes and more efficient.

Tours and Travels Management System in Laravel

In addition, this PHP Laravel Project consist of Complete Management Admin Panel where admin is able to add, delete and update travels packages as well as other things.

So, the admin page requires login details to enter which makes things secure for website as no other person rather than you can login. As admin panel provides user with data management privileges, admin can add ,delete ,update and read travels.

Besides, Some of the main features of this project are:

  • Responsive bootstrap layout with nice interface.
  • Basic About us , contact, home etc pages that are requires to be a website.
  • Moreover, dynamic content layout design.
  • Admin panel with booking , issue , users and other operations for admin user.
  • CRUD functionality for data management within website.
  • Sign in and sign out features for admin panel security.

Further, there are lot of features still needed to be explained. But you will find out as you go through the project.


  • PHP Laravel Framework and MYSQL Knowledge to implement as you require.
  • Xammp or Wammp localhost virtual server software.
  • And at last a Browser..(Any Browser may work)

Modules of Tours and Travels Management System in Laravel

  • Admin
  • Users
  • Guest users


  • User can register yourself.
  • User can login with valid email and password.
  • Forgot Password(user Can recover own password)
  • Tour Booking
  • Manage Booking
  • Generate Ticket(Regarding Complaint)
  • change Password


  • Admin can create Package
  • Packages(Create,Update)
  • Users
  • Inquiries
  • Issues
  • Booking
  • Pages
  • Change Password
  • Admin Dashboard

Guest users—

  • Visit the Website
  • Guest user can enquiry

The customer can sign in/sign up and search for the tour packages. Customers can book easily through the site.  And Admin can Create, Manage Packages, Manage bookings, issues, inquiries, pages. The design is pretty simple and the user won’t find it difficult to understand, use and navigate.