Restaurant Management System in Laravel

Restaurant Management System
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Restaurant Management System Scripts in PHP Laravel Framework are the perfect solution for the management of food and drink in restaurant. When you are making a restaurant, bakery, luxurious restaurants theme so you can use these Restaurant Management System scripts for you own restaurant website to manage your restaurant data.

Restaurant Management System

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Let’s concentrate on booking area in a restaurant. In traditional booking system, a customer has to make a phone call in order to get his meal reserved. If luckily the phone gets connected, then the customer does some formal conversation like hello, hi, etc. Than he demands for today’s menu and do some discussion over menu items then he orders and he has to give some of this identification specifications. This process takes 5-8 minutes to complete. On the receiver side there is hardly one phone line and one operator. So he can cover around 15-20 orders maximum in an hour.

For each booking he has to register manually on paper and puts the order in a queue with specific priority according to time and quantity, and than a cook is assigned for the specific order to complete it.

Online Restaurant Management System in this project user can  register and give order online and pay payment online with payment gateway.and also give feedback of restaurant facilities and services.

Restaurant Management System is a full restaurant management system
– Ordering System
-Member management
-Hall and Table Reservation
-Staff Management
-Food zone and management
-Delivery system
and many more

Main Features

  • Easy to install
  • Live Kitchen – (Kitchen with real time data)
  • Stock and inventory management
  • Dish management
  • Order management
  • Kitchen management
  • Waiter management
  • Income Report
  • Expanse Report
  • Dish Report
  • Waiter Report
  • Kitchen Report

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