Rental Management System in Laravel

Rental Management System in Laravel
••• Rental Management System in Laravel

This a Rental Management System in Laravel (RMS) for house owners is built in the most popular PHP Framework Laravel.

Rental Management System

It is suitable for any kind of houses for rent. Landlords will no longer have a cumbersome time searching through voluminous book records trying to update their tenant’s details but instead are presented with an intuitive management dashboard that gives them an insight about their tenants and houses.

With this system, you can make a lot of informed decisions while managing your rental houses.

System Features:

  • List all the houses you have
  • Add tenants
  • Generate monthly invoices for your tenants
  • Collect rent from your tenants
  • View payment statistics
  • Easily see which tenants have paid, not paid and have balances.

This system allows rental property owners and managers (POMs) can maintain the records of their properties by scheduling maintenance and hiring service providers to perform the tasks needed. One part of the application was already built for service providers user type but the second part of the application was needed to build for property owners type of users with a more friendly user interface.

It is PHP based application for its property owners/managers type of users to keep track of all their rental properties’ details at one place. This system should provide them an ability to keep detailed records and information about their rental properties.

Also, keep units against properties to track each tenant’s rent amount, lease start and end date, lease renewal notices, termination notices. Moreover, the system should organize POMs finances of rental income, payments, expenses, utilities, taxes, insurance per unit and per property. To schedule a preventive property maintenance, this PMS should have a separate module for tenants to easily track maintenance issues by property unit.

Property Rental Management System makes it easy to manage all your tenants & properties, record payments, and keep everything accessible any time, from any computer or device. Easy to get started, everything you need to grow your Rental Property Business.

Rental Management System is simple to use, just login, and start adding tenants and properties. Manage and store everything about your Rental Properties Tenants, Leases, Payments and Services Requests. Rental Management System is an easy to install and use Property Management Application designed give you everything you need to manage all your properties and tenants.

Property Rental Management System has following features:

• Dashboard
• Manage Tenants
• Manage Properties
• Property leases
• Service Requests
• Manage Alerts
• Forms & Templates
• Reports (Tenant, property, service, accounting, lease, and admin/ landlord reports)
• Current Lease details
• Online Payments via PayPal
• Receipt for payments
• My Property
• Service Requests
• Payment History
• My Documents