Pharmacy Management System in Laravel

Pharmacy Management System in Laravel
••• Pharmacy Management System in Laravel

Today’s pharmacists must be supported by powerful, user-friendly Pharmacy Management System that can navigate the complexities of dispensing, inventory management, and point-of-sale functions. PharmaSee Central Pharmacy Management System allows your pharmacy to process, track, and dispense all prescriptions with the highest level of security, accuracy, and efficiency.

Pharmacy Management System in Laravel

This is the most powerful and efficient system on the market for any size pharmacy operation. It handles the most complex situations.

PharmaSee is a management system that is designed to improve accuracy and to enhance safety and efficiency in the pharmaceutical store. The Pharmacy Management System is developed using PHP Framework Laravel and MySql Database.

PharmaSee is Mostly Using on Medical Stores for Manage and improve inventory management, cost, medical safety etc.

This PMS used can generate reports, as per the user’s requirements. It is the user-friendly and Best Pharmacy Software for Pharmacist which reduces the burden and helps to manage all sections of Pharmacy like Medicine management and Billing and Barcode Label Printing and Scanning etc which improve the processing efficiency.

Main Features are

The main features of the Pharmacy Management System are as follow which very useful for the all types of users.

  1. Company Info Customers Management
  2. Suppliers Management
  3. Products Management
  4. Expense Vouchers Management
  5. Billing Drugs
  6. Category Sales and
  7. Invoice Management
  8. Barcode Label Printing
  9. Quotations Management
  10. Sales Profit and Loss Accounts
  11. Customers Entry
  12. Suppliers Entry
  13. Salesman Entry
  14. Pharmacy Product Entry
  15. Pharmacy Stock Entry
  16. Stock OUT of Stock Products
  17. Quotations Entry
  18. Expenditures Entry
  19. Purchase Entry
  20. Billing Product
  21. Sub Category
  22. SMS Setting
  23. Users Registration
  24. Password Logs
  25. All Kind of Records
  26. All Kind of Reports
  27. Complete Accounting Features.

Accounting :

  1. Creditors Entry
  2. Debtors Entry
  3. Day book(Purchase)
  4. Supplier Account
  5. Customer Account
  6. Ledgers Statements
  7. Out of Stock Product info

This PMS is very useful and required system for all the Small and Large Pharmacy Shop and Doctors.


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