Online Voting Management System in Laravel

Online Voting Management System in Laravel
••• Online Voting Management System in Laravel

Online Voting Management System in Laravel project is to provide help to the people of different location. The technology used for the creation of this project is PHP framework Laravel as the Front – End and the MY SQL as the back – End for the storage of data.

The word “Vote” means to choose from a list , to elect or to determine. The main goal of voting (in a scenario involving the citizens of a given country) is to come up with leaders of the people’s choice. Most countries, India not an exception have problems when it comes to voting .

Online Voting Management System in Laravel

Some of the problems involved include ridging votes during election , insecure or inaccessible polling stations, inadequate polling materials and also inexperienced personnel. This online voting/polling system seeks to address the above issues. It should be noted that with this system in place, the users, citizens in this case shall be given ample time during the voting period.

In the current scenario where internet has brought almost all the ease to our living room, be it replacing
physical banking to internet banking, ordering food online, buying movie tickets, buyinh any kind of
clothes or house hold items to consulting your doctor for minor issues, bill payments of any kind etc.

Still since quite long time going to the polling booth and standing in long queue to cast vote has been
persistent and it was challenging for the Government to motivate the public to participate in the
election system and cast their vote, as there was no such online voting system available.


Online Voting Management System would have Candidate registration, document verification, auto-generated User ID and pass for candidate and Voters. Admin Login which will be handled by Election Commission.

Candidate Login which will be handled By Candidate, Voters will get Unique ID and Password, Using which they can vote for a Candidate only once per Election.

The project is beneficial for Election Commission, Voters as the can get to know the candidate background and choose wisely, and even for Candidate. The software system allows the Candidate to login in to their profiles and upload all their details including their previous milestone onto the system.

The admin can check each Candidate details and verify the documents, only after verifying Candidate’s ID and Password will be generated, and can remove faulty accounts. The software system allows Voters to view a list of Candidates in their area. The admin has overall rights over the system and can moderate and delete any details not pertaining to Election Rules.



  • We live in a democracy and voting is one of our fundamental duties as responsible citizens of the country, but nowhere around the country a 100% people come to vote during the elections in their territory (country).
  • There have been many reasons for that some of them are: In the rural areas the influential people keep their men at the polling booths to threaten the common man to vote for them
  • There are many portions of the country like the North East where there is locally sponsored terrorism, at such places the security conditions are also not very bright, so naturally people feel afraid to come out of their houses and go to vote
  • Net savvy new generation want free voting system. Also the people in metros want a system through which they can vote for their country without traveling.Keeping in mind these situations and to improve the state of democracy in the country Online Polling System can be thought as a solution, in conjunction with the ongoing current manual voting system.


  • Admin Login
  • Candidate Document Verification.
  • Candidate Login
  • Voters Login
  • Voters can view Candidate’s data
  • Admin dashboard has overall functional rights
  • Appropriate data processing and handling
  • System generated ID and Password for Candidate and Voters.
  • Result Calculation module
  • Election Creation module
  • Voting conduction module

Advantages of Online Voting Management System

  • Fast and easy way of conducting Election.
  • Voters can view background of each Candidate.
  • Candidate can present themselves against voters.
  • Admin can verify the documents and details of Candidate.
  • System Generated Unique ID and Password gives more Secure Logins.
  • Result will be out after 2 Hrs of Election.

Disadvantages of Online Voting Management System

  • Chances of hacking candidate or voters account.
  • Every voter does not have pc or net connection, so voters can even go in polling booth and vote online there.

Demo and Download Link will Comming Soon.

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