Hospital Management System in Laravel

Hospital Management System
••• Hospital Management System in Laravel

Hospital Management System (HMS) is a system for managing the hospital functions and events. which is specially buield in PHP Laravel framework.

Hospital Management System in Laravel

It has different modules such as adding new doctors, managing parents and managing appointments.

It is a web based powerful hospital management containing user and admin panel. it is having an integrated management software. It is an effective software specifically designed to fulfill various requirements in managing hospitals.

This dedicated software developed by expert software savvies at PhpTpoint.

Hospital management system Project is free to download and the source code is based on core PHP. comments are putted into the source code for better understanding. optimized codes are being used and is easy to understand.

Modules and its features:

  • Managing Doctors: User can add new listings of doctors through that panel. and list can be modify and delete. deleted records will be displayed in tabular format which can be undeleted.
  • Managing patients: manage patient records and all the features such as modify, delete and undelete can be done on the records.
  • Appointments: appointments can be managed through doctor id and patients id in the application.
  • Registration.
  • Patient Check In / Check Out.
  • Laboratory / Pathology Automation.
  • Inventory System.
  • Food Department Automation.
  • Medicine.
  • Patient Record Maintenance.
  • Staff Record Maintenance.
  • Staff Payroll System.
  • Doctor Consultant.
  • Laundry Maintenance System.
  • Emergency Services.
  • Operation Room / ICU Maintenance.
  • In-house Mailing System.
  • Blood Bank Maintenance System.
  • The database of Blood Donors / Blood Group.
  • Billing System.
  • Communication of different Group Hospitals (If Any) through Internet.
  • News forum for flashing news, articles, and important meetings.
  • Infrastructure Maintenance.
  • Medical Equipment Maintenance.
  • Integration of various disciplines.

A project on hostel management system using Apache server and mysql 5.62 developed. Hostel management system divided into two modules.

  • Admin module
  • User module

Admin Module of  Hospital Management System

  • Login – This module is used for  admin login.
  • Dashboard – Admin dashboard related total students, total rooms, total courses.
  • Course Creation- Admin can add and manage course(Add, edit and delete)
  • Rooms- Admin can create rooms(seater, fees)(Add, edit and delete)
  • Students Registration- Admin can register student profile .
  • Manage Student- (View and Delete)
  • Admin Profile
  • Change password
  • Access log- admin can see user login access details
  • Logout

User Module of  Hospital Management System

  • User Registration
  • User login
  • User forgot Password
  • User Profile – User can update own profile after login
  • Change Password – Allow user to change the password.
  • Book Hostel – User can book own hostel
  • Hostel details : user can see own hostel details
  • Access log : User can see own login access log
  • logout

Here, User has to Login as Patient, Doctor OR Admin to use the system. From Patient’s login, a user can Book an appointment with any doctor and check appointment history. From Doctor’s login, a user can view Appointments. From Admin’s login, a user has access to each and everything.

Admin can manage doctors, patients, Add Doctor specialization, and check Doctor’s and Patient’s session logs. This system makes easy management of hospital for the patients as well as doctors.The design of this project is pretty simple and the user won’t find it difficult to understand, use and navigate.