Employee Management System in Laravel

Employee Management System in Laravel
••• Employee Management System in Laravel

This Employee Management System created to manage the employee data. This system created to record all data of the employee. Download Employee management system web application project in Php with source code. Employee management system is free download available here. We have grate project collection of Php using Codeigniter.

Employee Management System in Laravel

This Employee Management System makes it easy to check and track human resources department at the press of a button. It makes the system easy to monitor and manage employees from different location. This system helps in supervising employees work report and productivity. Our employee management system includes a task assigning to specific employee. These all features help at the time of employee appraisals.

Here, Employee has to log in and employee can easily apply for a leave. Admin has to approve or decline the leave request. Admin can add/manage leave type and add/manage employees. This is a simple project done in Laravel 5.5 PHP framework. It’s easy to operate and understand by users.The design is pretty simple and the user won’t find it difficult to understand, use and navigate.

Key Features for Admin/Super admin

  • One click installer
  • Manage employees personal details
  • Manage Active employees
  • Block employees
  • Track employees time and work flow
  • Manage employee task/work
  • Manage employee task/work status
  • Check employees performance [Daily|Monthly]
  • Admin access rights
  • Better Communication via internal messaging system
  • User can edit and view employee details
  • Error reporting with images
  • Attendance management
  • Check & Track every login details
  • Multilevel Admin management
  • And much more…

Key Features for employee

  • Eagle view for employee
  • Change task status
  • Edit profile
  • Access shared files
  • Communication with their co-workers
  • Can see pending,completed,in progress work
  • And much more…

Why this

It is very easy to use and has the following features :

  • Tracking system
  • 100% Responsive and works in all platforms(Mobile, Tablets & Desktops).
  • Email notifications.
  • Export leave to CSV.
  • Allot leave and leave balance feature.
  • Apply for Team leave functionality.
  • Approve/reject team leave functionality.
  • Powerful ACL.
  • Simple Interface.
  • Apply for leave functionality.
  • Leave can be applied for Full day or half day(First half or second half)
  • Approve/Reject/Cancel Leave functionality.
  • Add/Edit task functionality.
  • Leave listing with advanced filters.
  • Task listing with edit task functionality.
  • Standalone based on Laravel

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